Our management company secures fleet level insurance, storage and maintenance contracts for all of the assets on the platform. We are contractually obligated to manage each asset according to a strict and comprehensive set of rules and restrictions for the benefit of investors. These rules are determined by our expert advisory board and are set prior to an asset’s ICO period.

We take this responsibility very seriously. We are investors too, so we care as much as you do that our investments are managed to the highest possible standards. We have a tremendous amount of respect for these assets and their historical and engineering significance, as well as a fantastic network of professional advisors in the space to guide all of our actions and decisions. As such, we believe that assets on Rally Rd.™ are cared for better than most individuals would be able to achieve on their own and at far lower cost. In the highly unlikely event of a total loss, the insurance settlement will be paid out to the investors as a liquidation event.

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