You can pay for investments by linking your bank account to the Rally Rd. App. All transfers in and out are made via an automated-clearing-house (“ACH”). For security purposes, we ask that you verify that the linked bank account belongs to you before you can start investing. You can do this instantly by securely logging into your online banking account through our integration with most major banks, or in about 24 hours by verifying the amount of two small micro-deposits sent to your account.

When you sell shares (or if your investments earn dividends), the money will be added to your Rally Rd. balance. You can view your balance at any time by clicking the “$” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the App. You can use these funds to make new investments, or simply withdraw them back to your personal bank account.

Note: We recommend linking a Checking account to avoid potential issues. Savings, money market and brokerage accounts are more often subject to restrictions on ACH transfers.

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