Initial Offering: The first time a car is being offered as an investment on Rally Rd.

Trading Window: The day of the month when offers to buy shares (“BIDs”) or orders to sell shares (“ASKs”) for Trading Assets are being accepted.

Active Assets: Assets that are open to investment. You can reserve shares for purchase at a later date or invest on the spot.

Private Assets: Assets that aren’t open to investment but may be in the future. We provide key information on them and give you the opportunity to sign up to be notified when you can invest.

Trading Assets: Assets that are accepting offers to buy or sell shares, which can be submitted during monthly “trading windows.”

Locked-Up Assets: Assets that have been fully-funded and are in a three-month ‘lock-up” period before trading windows open up.

Liquidated Assets: Assets that we have sold and are no longer available on the Rally Rd. platform.

Active Investment: Your current holdings. Once you have made an investment, your shares will show up under the “Active / Current Investment” tab in your account.

Pending Investment: A share purchase that has been placed or reserved, but not yet finalized. You can monitor it in your account.

Exited Investment: An investment that you have sold; your receipt and financial results remain in your account.

Comparable Asset Value: Prices of similar assets that that help you determine the fair value of a potential investment. Our interactive chart allows you to see the historical prices of comparable cars and other expert valuations as well as details about each transaction. There’s no guarantee that a car’s performance will mirror its ‘comps’, but it’s certainly valuable information.

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