“Active” Assets / Active “ICO”: An Initial Car Offering, or ICO, is the first time an asset is being securitized (turned into a stock) and offered for investment on the Rally Rd.™ platform. These are assets that are currently open for investing on Rally Rd.™ If you make an investment, once you are approved and your funds have transferred, your investment will show up under the “Active / Current Investment” tab in your Investments & Positions portal (tap the [$] on the top right of the home screen to access it).

“Pending” Investment: Your pending investments can be found in your Investments & Positions portal after you make an investment in a car on Rally Rd.™ Your investment will remain pending until your approval is complete and the payment transfer has been completed.

“Private” (Not Yet Investable) Assets: Cars labeled “Not Yet Investable” are assets that are either scheduled or will potentially be scheduled to release in the future, but are not yet live on Rally Rd.™ You will still have access to all the great photos, videos, conversations, and data for these assets- you just won’t be able to invest yet.

“Exited” Investment: This is an investment that you have sold. The data & receipt for the sale of your shares can be found in your Investments & Positions portal after the transaction is complete.

Closed ICO: A Closed ICO is an ICO that has been fully funded. A closed ICO has a three-month “cooling-off” period after which requests to buy and sell shares can be directly submitted to one of our partner broker dealers.

“Comparable Asset Value”: This is a measurement of comparable prices for cars like the one shown over a given time period. Tapping on any points in a car’s Comparable Asset Value chart will give you details on the price-point (where the sale happened, when it happened, the condition of that asset when it sold, and the price).

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