Shares in each asset on the platform are available to trade for one day per month from 10am to 4pm EST. The day of the month differs by car, and will be scheduled in the app.

During a trading window, existing investors can put some or all of their shares up for sale by placing an ASK order, or they can place a BID order to increase their ownership position. New investors can place BID orders to purchase shares from existing investors. These orders can be placed using the BUY and SELL buttons for the appropriate car in the Rally Rd. app.

You can set ASKs at a minimum acceptable price, and BIDs at a maximum acceptable price (these are known as “limit orders”). For example, you can place an order to “BUY 10 shares @ up to $90 per share” or “SELL 5 shares @ no less than $85 per share.”

You can change your ASK or BID orders as many times as you like during the trading window. When trading ends, the broker-dealer matches up as many orders as possible to determine the market-clearing price. Balances and positions are updated on the app when the trades clear.

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