First, we identify and acquire cars that meet our strict quality criteria. We then create the securities for investors to purchase, and manage the collection for the benefit of our shareholders. We feature these investments in an app-based user experience that has been crafted to tell an interactive story, containing all of the provenance for a vehicle, images, videos, ownership & restoration timelines, and comparable price points over the life of the car. If you like what you see, you can invest in the asset!

We partner with FINRA registered broker-dealers who are responsible for confirming your identity & investment, issuing your shares, matching up buyers and sellers of Rally Rd.™ securities, and ensuring we are always in compliance with SEC regulations, FINRA rules, and state & federal law. We also participate with you as investors by requiring ourselves to own between 2% and 10% of the shares in each offering. We believe that this aligns incentives and demonstrates the quality of the assets that we are offering to our investors on Rally Rd.™

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