We (Chris, Rob & Max) are three life-long friends, who have always followed the collector car market, made some great investments, missed out on some others, but never felt like we had an access lane to get inside the velvet rope. We set out to leverage our experience as a tech entrepreneur, product designer and investment banker to democratize car collecting, and ensure that it keeps up with the times and continues to engage future generations.

We are also fortunate to have industry experts on our team who keep us abreast of key developments and ensure we maintain best practices. Our advisory board includes leaders in both the automotive and financial fields, and our senior staff and investors bring experience from some of the world’s leading companies and institutions, including Facebook, Barclays, Robinhood, New York University, Mecum Auctions, StockTwits, Boston Consulting Group, Algar Ferrari, and Gartner Research.

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