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    +48.7% (last trade), -55.4% (IPO)

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How it works

This survey is a method we use to gather your feedback on whether or not we will send this asset to auction on the behalf of our investors. The survey is not binding, and will need to be completed by 11/11/2022 at 12PM (ET).


Enter your account email, then submit with “YES” (in support of sending the asset to auction) or “NO” (to convey disapproval of sending the asset to auction) below.


After 48 hours this survey will be closed and delivered to our Advisory Board for review. At that point, the asset can be prepped to be sent to auction or will remain on the platform

What’s next?

If the vote is approved, #MOONSHOE will participate as a featured lot in the Sothebys “Fifty” auction which commences in early December. If the asset achieves its reserve price and sells, the asset will then show as “Exited” in your portfolio. The total payout will appear in your Rally account. If the vote is rejected, you will be notified and the asset will remain in your portfolio as-is.

Contact us

If you have any additional questions regarding this process and the potential payout, email us: support@rallyrd.com.

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