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Innovation and Multiplayer

Lisa Mason
by  Lisa Mason
Innovation and Multiplayer
Innovation and Multiplayer

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Innovation and Multiplayer

by  Lisa Mason
Innovation and Multiplayer
Innovation and Multiplayer


Certain reviewers loved GoldenEye more than others, but most realized that it stood out from the rest and some predicted it would have a potential impact on the gaming landscape.

 “…somehow it is clear that this is going to be something special.” Edge staff.

“…the best N64 title on the market to date.” Sushi-X, EGM

“If you can name one other game that allows you to shoot a guy in the back of the head while he is sitting on the toilet, I owe you a Coke. Ferris, GR

“It’s just too jam-packed with stuff to write it off as a simple DOOM clone.” Haneda, WF.

“GoldenEye not only lives up to the ‘quality, not quantity’ mantra that Nintendo continues to tout, it surpasses it.” Gerstmann, GS

“…Goldeneye 007 is an intelligently conceived and brilliantly executed diamond of a game… If you don’t own this game then you’re missing out.” Perry, IGN

“GoldenEye sets a new standard on N64 for graphics, sound (switch on that subwoofer), and multiplayer action.” Schneider, IGN

“Many of the evaluators feel that GoldenEye is one of the best executed games of all time.” No byline, NP

“To me, GoldenEye is the best N64 game out. I put it above Mario. I put it above Wave Race.” Tallarico, EP


I was surprised how little space was devoted to discussing the multiplayer mode in some reviews. There was so much to talk about in the single-player mode and some writers likely didn’t have three co-workers who could spend hours and hours away from their own work to join in on the fun. The ones that did have the opportunity to throw down with friends, however, came away impressed.

“…I really had the best time with the enormous options in the multi-player games.” Anderson, GI

“…Rare has included a hugely addictive multiplayer option to tempt two, three or four players away from the main game.” Edge staff

“Even better are the insanely fun Multiplayer Modes…it’s more fun than four-player Mario Kart 64!” Boyer, EGM

The four-player mode is outstanding and provides tons of options… the best multiplayer game on the system (edging Mario Kart 64 by a hair).” Perry, IGN 

“Finally a first-person game is as fun and playable in multiplayer mode as it should be on N64.” no byline, NG

“The multiplayer option is incredibly fun and should be considered just as important as the mission mode.” no byline, NP

“…four-player death matches that will have you shooting your friends for the rest of the year…” Robinson, GP

“…the four-player options are amazing…” Lucas, EP

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