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Lisa Mason
by  Lisa Mason
Movie Games and Graphics
Movie Games and Graphics

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Movie Games and Graphics

by  Lisa Mason
Movie Games and Graphics
Movie Games and Graphics


Games licensed from movies, TV shows, and the like didn’t have the best reputation. The most infamous example is Atari’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, which contributed to the video game crash of 1983 and resulted in the company burying unsold copies in a landfill in New Mexico. A combination of limits on creative freedom, small budgets, and short development windows usually result in a less-than-stellar adaptation. Combine this with the fact that the GoldenEye movie had been out nearly two years by the time the game released, and expectations were not high. The game’s quality shocked reviewers.

Next Generation’s GoldenEye 007 review, October 1997

“… this firstperson shoot ’em up contains even more action than its filmic counterpart.” Edge staff

“Not only is GoldenEye 10 times better than the movie, it’s also 10 times more realistic. …this silicon Bond is more of a bad-ass than the movie version ever was.” Boyer, EGM

“I’m happy to say that GoldenEye is the best game based on a movie ever.” Smith, EGM

GoldenEye is—without a doubt—the best movie to game conversion yet.” Schneider. IGN 

“N64 developer Rare comes up with a game that’s better than the movie.” No byline, NG

“It’s one of the best movie-to-game translations ever, and it’s definitely an early favorite for the game of the year.” Robinson, GP

“I think it’s the best Bond game that’s ever been produced…” Lucas, EP


While there’s no way the boxy ‘90s graphics are going to hold up 25 years later, reviewers were highly impressed by GoldenEye’s looks at the time.

“Better yet, all the characters look identical to their movie counterparts through the use of detailed texture maps. … The graphic quality in this title is amazing, and the animation is even better.” Uncredited section, GI

“The realistic setting, remarkably well-animated characters and interactive backgrounds combine to create a genuine sense of ‘being there’ which is rarely experienced in a videogame.” Edge staff

“All the characters have intricate faces layered on top of their polygonal heads. While up close this looks freaky, you still have to be impressed.” Ferris, GR

“The graphics in GoldenEye are incredible. … When you run into Boris, he actually looks like Alan Cumming.” Gerstmann, GS

“…GoldenEye’s graphics exemplify the best of Bond.” Robinson, GP

“The graphics are incredible.” Lucas, EP

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