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#GWLETTER is a handwritten letter from George Washington to his Director of Intelligence delivered in 1780. During the Revolutionary War, George Washington’s Director of Military Intelligence, Benjamin Tallmadge, was a master of espionage. His tactics were the stuff of movies, down to the invisible ink. Tallmadge and his ‘Culper Spy Ring’ prevented 6,000 British troops from landing in Newport and played a significant role in apprehending one of Benedict Arnold’s co-conspirators.

“In October 1778, with the Continental Army encamped outside British-occupied New York City, George Washington and Benjamin Tallmadge masterminded what would become the most successful and enduring espionage network of the war.”

— | April 2019

#GWLETTER Timeline


Not a single member of Washington and Tallmadge’s espionage ring was ever unmasked and the Washington-Tallmadge spy ring was virtually unknown until 1929, upon discovery of their covert correspondence.

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Initial Offering Share Price $20
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Initial Offering Market Cap. $150,000
Storage Location Rally
Asset Specifications
Artifact Type Handwritten Letter
Writer George Washington
Date November 4, 1780
Signature George Washington
Provenance Benjamin Tallmadge, Mayor of New York William Frederick Havemeyer and his descendants.

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