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1851 MOBY DICK (1ST ED.)

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Though now considered one of the defining works of American literature, Herman Melville’s Moby Dick was published in 1851 to poor reviews. The tale of Captain Ahab’s maniacal pursuit of the white whale Moby Dick — now cited as a powerful analogy for humanity’s search for meaning — would not find widespread acclaim until after Melville’s death. #MOBYDICK is a 1st Edition copy of Moby Dick, 1 of less than 3,000 1st Edition copies printed.

“… the supreme American novel, the source and the inspiration of everything that follows in the American literary canon.”

— The Guardian

#MOBYDICK Timeline


Herman Melville bought a farm in 1850 in the town of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Melville’s farm was located near the home of Nathanial Hawthorne (the author of the Scarlet Letter) and the two became good friends. Melville would dedicate his book Moby Dick to Hawthorne.

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Asset Specifications
Title Moby Dick
Author Herman Melville
Publisher Harper & Brothers
Publication Date 1851
Edition First Edition
Condition Near Fine
Rarity 1 of 2,951 (1st Edition)

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