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1940 Batman #1 Comic Book

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After the success of his first appearance in Detective Comics #27, Batman was given his own series in the spring of 1940. Rally’s #BATMAN1 is an original copy of the landmark Batman #1 issue, which featured the Dark Knight’s origin story and the first appearance of both the Joker and Catwoman. Graded FR/GD 1.5 by CGC, #BATMAN1 is one of the top 100 graded copies in existence and with less than one hundred publicly available sales over the past twenty years, it’s no wonder why this issue is one of the most valuable and highly sought-after Golden Age comic books.

“It is evidence of the greatness and power of the Batman concept that the character has appeared continuously over eight decades…”

— Peter Sanderson, Comic Book Historian

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#BATMAN1 Details

Kapow! Splat! Wham! Those are some of the words many people of a certain age instantly associate with Batman, but it may be time to add one more: Ka-Ching!  Batman #1 comic sales are flying high and are breaking records whenever they come up for auction.  In 2003, a similarly graded copy of Batman #1, sold at auction for a respectable $4,600.  Today, copies similar to #BATMAN1 have been known to sell above $90K, representing a remarkable 17-year price appreciation of 20,000%.  A copy in near-mint condition was sold at a 2012 private auction for a breathtaking $850K. 

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Price Per Share $71.00
Number of Shares 1000
Market Cap. $71,000.00
Storage Location Rally
Title Batman #1
Writer Bill Finger
Cover Artist Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson
Penciller Bob Kane
Inker Sheldon Moldoff, Jerry Robinson
Letterer Sheldon Moldoff, Jerry Robinson
Editor Whitney Ellsworth
Publisher D.C. Comics
Store Date March 31, 1940
Rarity 1 of 10 (CGC FR/GD 1.5)
Authentication Comics Guaranty Company (CGC)
Grade CGC FR/GD 1.5

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