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Tony Iommi “Monkey” Gibson SG Special Guitar (Signed)

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  • 09/2021

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Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi’s riffs on songs like “Paranoid” and “Iron Man” made him a founding father of metal. Iommi used a 1964 Gibson SG guitar on every Black Sabbath album and tour of the ‘70s. The guitar was heavily customized, featuring hand-made pickups and a memorable monkey sticker. In 2020, Gibson honored the iconic guitar with a limited-edition batch (50 total) of Tony Iommi 1964 ‘Monkey’ SG Replica guitars. Coming from the Gibson Archives is #IOMMI, a 1-of-1 prototype sent to Iommi for approval before production began.

“It certainly became a classic… Once I used that I never went back to any other guitar.”


— Tony Iommi / On the 1964 Gibson SG Special

#IOMMI Timeline

#IOMMI Details

The left-handed Iommi originally bought a right-handed Gibson “SG” and played it upside down because left-handed guitars were hard to come by at the time. He eventually traded guitars with a right-handed player that had been playing upside down on a left-handed guitar and modified the guitar to match his unique playing style. He put a monkey sticker on the guitar and the guitar became known as the “Monkey SG.” Iommi used the “Monkey SG” on every Sabbath album and tour of the 1970’s.

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Price Per Share $10.00
Number of Shares 6,500
Market Cap. $65,000
Storage Location Rally
Asset Specifications
Memorabilia Type Production Prototype Guitar
Model 1964 Gibson SG Special
Manufacturer Gibson
Musician Tony Iommi
Total Production 1 of 1 (Prototype)
Primary Color Vintage Cherry
Authentication Gibson Brands, Inc.

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