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1972 Nike Prototype “Moon Shoe”

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In 1964, former track athlete Phil Knight got together with Bill Bowerman, his old coach from the University of Oregon, and the duo each chipped in $500 to found Blue Ribbon Sports, the company that would become Nike. After spending a few years with exclusive partnerships to sell Japanese sneaker brands in the U.S., the fledgling shoe company took matters into their own hands to design their own sneakers.

“Bowerman and Knight sought to develop athletic shoes that were lighter and had more traction than longstanding designs. Propelled by the waffle-soled shoes designed by Bowerman… they built Nike.”

— New York Times

#MOONSHOE Timeline


Ahead of the 1972 US Olympic Trials, Nike co-founder and US Olympic Track Coach Bill Bowerman used his wife’s waffle iron to design a waffle-soled shoe, one of Nike’s earliest prototypes. Early employee Geoff Hollister took Bowerman’s mold and hand-cobbled 12 pairs of sneakers, each featuring a Nike swoosh hand-sewn with fishing line. Nicknamed the “Moon Shoe” for the waffle-patterned footprint the shoes left in the dirt, Rally’s #MOONSHOE is 1 of just 12 pairs made by Hollister. #MOONSHOE is considered to be one of the most significant artifacts in Nike’s history.

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Price Per Share $25.00
Number of Shares 7,000
Market Cap. $175,000
Storage Location Rally
Asset Specifications
Sport Running
Year 1972
Memorabilia Type Sneakers
Manufacturer Geoff Hollister / Nike
Model Moon Shoe
Colorway Black / White
Materials Cotton, Rubber
Materials (cont’d) Leather, Nylon
Condition Used
Rarity 1 of 12 (Original “Moon Shoes”)

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