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1976 Apple I Computer, Signed By Woz

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  • $825,000

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  • #APPLE1

  • 04/2021

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Back in 1975, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were regulars at meetings of the Palo Alto Homebrew Computer Club, a casual group of microcomputer hobbyists and enthusiasts who convened regularly to tinker with new projects and share tricks of the trade. Woz began working on a computer — sharing schematics with members of the club and even dropping in at their homes to help them get it up and running.

“…because of the small number of Apple-1′s in existence, the computers are rarely found on the open market… and that makes them pretty valuable to anyone looking for a piece of tech history.”

— CNBC | May 2019

#APPLE1 Timeline

#APPLE1 Details

Of the 200 Apple-1 computers originally hand-built by Woz, it’s suspected that far fewer exist today thanks to Apple’s 1977 promotional offers that incentivized trade-ins as well as various rumors surrounding original models being destroyed. Rally’s #APPLE1 is not only one of the few remaining examples of the first Apple computer, but is signed by Woz, has been fully restored, and is totally operational, with a comprehensive test demonstrating the system at full-functionality for eight hours.

Invest Now
Price Per Share $25
Number of Shares 33,000
Market Cap. $825,000
Storage Location Rally
Asset Specifications
Manufacturer Apple
Model Apple I
Year 1976
Signed Steve Wozniak
Condition Fully functional
Evaluation Corey Cohen, Apple I expert

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