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Less than 700 years after Christ’s death, Byzantine Emperor Justinian II began feuding with the Pope and Western Church. Disagreements escalated in 692 AD when Justinian II announced a series of decrees — the most controversial being the decision to depict Christ in human form, a violation of accepted tradition that was permanently etched on the face of a coin. #JUSTINIAN is a well-preserved relic from the first time Christ appeared on a coin, minted during Justinian II’s First Reign in Constantinople. Just 3 examples have been graded higher in NGC’s population.

“The Empire’s gold coins set an artistic and monetary standard for the Mediterranean world throughout most of Byzantine history.”

— The Metropolitan Museum of Art



Minted in Constantinople, #JUSTINIAN features an image of Jesus Christ, with a cross behind his head and the book of gospels held in his left arm. The words “Jesus Christ King of Kings” surround him. The opposite side of this 4.45g gold coin displays an image of Justinian II with the words “Justinian, servant of Christ” surrounding him.

Invest Now
Initial Offering Share Price $9
Number of Shares 2,000
Initial Offering Market Cap. $18,000
Storage Location Rally
Asset Specifications
Memorabilia Type Coin
Minted Date AD 685-695
Minted Location Constantinople
Significance First Numismatic Representation of Christ
Obverse Portrait of Christ
Reverse Portrait of Justinian II
Rarity 1 of 55
Authentication NGC
Grade Ch MS
Grade (Strike) April 5, 2021
Grade (Surface) May 5, 2021
Certification No. 4938331-230

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