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In 1996, as the people of Thailand commemorated their popular king’s 50th year of rule, a mere 700 24k gold plated Leica “King of Thailand” edition M6 cameras were produced. A much-endeared monarch to the Thai nation, King Bhumiphol Adulyadej was an artistic monarch known for his painting, sculpture, and photography. #LEICAGOLD is a 1996 Leica M6 Gold ’King of Thailand’ Camera in Condition ‘A’ and is a beautiful, rare edition of what might be Leica’s most esteemed 35mm camera.

“Very simply, the Leica M6 is the most beautifully engineered, most ruggedly built, quietist, sharpest-oh hell, sexiest-camera I’ve ever held in my hands.”

— Photographer Frank Van Riper in The Washington Post | June 2001



Introduced in 1984 and ending it’s run in 2001, the Leica M6 is the longest-produced rangefinder camera the company ever manufactured. The Leica M6 was such a popular camera that it was produced for more than 15 years and 132,000 Leica M6 cameras were issued.

Invest Now
Initial Offering Share Price $8
Number of Shares 4,000
Initial Offering Market Cap. $32,000
Storage Location Rally
Asset Specifications
Manufacturer Leica
Model M6
Year 1996
Condition A
Rarity 1 of 700
Engraving HM-311, Royal Crest
Lens Summicron-M 2/50mm
Frame Size 36mm x 24mm

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