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Cool Cat #3195 (NFT)

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  • $35,000

    Initial Offering Marketing Cap
  • $5.00

    Initial Offering Share Price
  • #COOL3195

  • 04/2022

    Initial Offering Date

Say hello to the coolest cat on the blockchain. #COOL3195 is Cool Cat #3195 with 3 of its 5 traits found in less than 2% of the Cool Cat population. The combat-ready feline and his battalion of 9,999 blue-chip NFTs sped to the top of the NFT charts just weeks after being minted. No wonder they have such notable owners: The President of Time Magazine, Heavyweight legend Mike Tyson and sportswear brand Puma all own at least one Cool Cat. With plans for gamification through a developing ecosystem known as “Cooltopia,” Cool Cats are pushing boundaries in NFT utility and moving the industry forward.

“I love these @coolcatsnft – Figuring out which one to get!”

— Keith A. Grossman, President of TIME Magazine | July 2021

#COOL3195 Timeline

#COOL3195 Details

Cool Cat NFTs were featured on Time Square billboards during the official NFT NYC event in November 2021, delighting owners and bewildering tourists.

Invest Now
Initial Offering Share Price $5.00
Number of Shares 7,000
Initial Offering Market Cap. $35,000
Storage Location Rally MetaMask Institutional Wallet
Asset Specifications
NFT Cool Cat
Number 3195
Property Helm Army (Hat)
Property Rarity 1% Have This Trait
Property Mononoke (Face)
Property Rarity 2% Have This Trait
Property Buttondown Green (Shirt)
Property Rarity 2% Have This Trait
Property Wild 1 (Tier)
Property Rarity 18% Have This Trait
Property Blue Cat Skin (Body)
Property Rarity 100% Have This Trait
Rarity Score 80.07
Proof of Ownership Ethereum Blockchain

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