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  • $72,000

    Initial Offering Marketing Cap
  • $10.00

    Initial Offering Share Price
  • #PUNK9670

  • 09/2021

    Initial Offering Date

In 2017, Larva Labs released 10,000 CryptoPunks — computer-generated 24×24 pixelated characters stored on the blockchain. Originally these Punks, known as one of the earliest NFTs, were available for free to anyone with an ETH wallet. In the years since, almost $400 million has been spent in the CryptoPunk marketplace. Each Punk has its own unique characteristics of varying rarity, which plays a large role in their valuation. #PUNK9670 is a Female CryptoPunk numbered 9670. As 1 of 3,840 Female Punks, #PUNK9670 has two characteristics: Crazy Hair (1 of 414) and Nerd Glasses (1 of 572).

“Punks reside at the heart of the NFT and crypto ecosystem.”

— Sotheby’s | June 2021

#PUNK9670 Timeline

#PUNK9670 Details

The CryptoPunk aesthetic was inspired by the London punk movement of the ‘70s — a reflection of the countercultural origins of the early blockchain movement.

Invest Now
Initial Offering Share Price $10.00
Number of Shares 7,200
Initial Offering Market Cap. $72,000
Storage Location Rally Metamask Wallet
Asset Specifications
Creator Larva Labs
NFT CryptoPunk
Number 9670
Type Female
Type Rarity 1 of 3,840 (Female)
Accessories Nerd Glasses, Crazy Hair
Accessory Rarity 1 of 414 (Crazy Hair)
Accessory Rarity 1 of 572 (Nerd Glasses)
Date of 1st Claim June 23, 2017
Proof of Ownership Ethereum Blockchain

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