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  • $20,000

    Initial Offering Marketing Cap
  • $4.00

    Initial Offering Share Price
  • #HIRST1

  • 03/2022

    Initial Offering Date

Damien Hirst’s innovative and bold vision has made him one of the world’s most commercially successful artists. Hirst has always pushed the boundaries — one of his most famous works features a shark encased in formaldehyde. With his project, The Currency, Hirst brings his unorthodox approach to NFTs. Each of the 10,000 unique NFTs are linked to a physical piece of Hirst’s art. In July 2022, owners must choose whether to trade in their NFT for the corresponding art… or keep the NFT and have the tangible piece destroyed. #HIRST1 is a part of The Currency collection titled “Who’s Really King.”

“Damien Hirst’s ‘The Currency’ questions everything you thought you knew about art and money”

— Fast Company | July 2021

#HIRST1 Timeline

#HIRST1 Details

Hirst believes that The Currency “challenges the concept of value through money and art” by forcing people to grapple with “their perception of value, and how it influences their decision.”

Invest Now
Initial Offering Share Price $4.00
Number of Shares 5,000
Initial Offering Market Cap. $20,000
Storage Location Rally Metamask Wallet
Asset Specifications
Creator Damien Hirst
NFT The Currency
Title Who’s really the king
Characteristic Score Overlaps (0.43)
Characteristic Rank 1,909
Characteristic Score Drips (0.42)
Characteristic Rank 4,478
Characteristic Score Texture (0.54)
Characteristic Rank 4,372
Characteristic Score Density (0.39)
Characteristic Rank 2,437
Characteristic Score Weight (19.61)
Characteristic Rank 6,937
Color Percentage Blues (16.46% of pixels)
Color Rank 6,797
Color Percentage Reds (16.55% of pixels)
Color Rank 3,472
Color Percentage Yellows (9.2% of pixels)
Color Rank Color Rank
Color Percentage Greens (10.21% of pixels)
Color Rank 289
Color Percentage Magentas (6.93% of pixels)
Color Rank 6,072
Color Percentage Blacks (0.51% of pixels)
Color Rank 439
Color Percentage Whites (40.15% of pixels)
Color Rank 8,888
Feature Title Words (5)
Feature Rarity 19.24% of The Currency have this trait
Feature Title Characters (21)
Feature Rank 5.48% of The Currency have this trait
Proof of Ownership Ethereum Blockchain

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