• $44,000

    Initial Offering Marketing Cap
  • $4

    Initial Offering Share Price
  • #DOOD6921

  • 01/2022

    Initial Offering Date

Created by artist Burnt Toast, and two Dapper Labs veterans known as Tulip & Poopie, Doodle NFTs were launched in October 2021. The entire collection of 10,000 Doodle NFTs was minted in less than 24 hours for 0.123 ETH per Doodle. Less than 3 months later, the cheapest Doodle is worth upwards of $35K. #DOOD6921 is Doodle #6921. Of its 5 traits, #DOOD6921’s Purple Puffball hair and Yellow Backpack are the rarest with only 3% of Doodles having each of these attributes. Its other traits include a Straw Face held by 4% of Doodles, a Green Background that 7% of Doodles have, and an Orange Head which is found in 10% of Doodle NFTs.

“Since (Steve) Aoki’s purchase, the floor price for doodle’s lucrative collection has shot up by more than 60%. The collection includes over 10,000 “doodles” – one of which is allegedly owned by Snoop Dogg.”

— MixMag.com | January 2022

#DOOD6921 Timeline

#DOOD6921 Details

Doodlebank is an official community treasury that allows Doodle owners to come to a consensus about the future of the product. In February 2022, Doodles can be transformed into new, non-dilutive NFTs called Space Doodles.

Invest Now
Initial Offering Share Price $4
Number of Shares 11,000
Initial Offering Market Cap. $44,000
Storage Location Rally
Asset Specifications
NFT Doodles
Number 6921
Feature Yellow Backpack (Body)
Feature Rarity 3% of Doodles have this feature
Feature Purple Puffballs (Hair)
Feature Rarity 3% of Doodles have this feature
Feature Straw (Face)
Feature Rarity 4% of Doodles have this feature
Feature Green (Background)
Feature Rarity 7% of Doodles have this feature
Feature Orange (Head)
Feature Rarity 10% of Doodles have this feature
Proof of Ownership Ethereum Blockchain

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