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First English Volumes I-VI of The Second World War by Winston Churchill

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Although Winston Churchill insisted that his work was not history but rather “a contribution to history,” his six-volume series, “The Second World War,” is considered to be the definitive account of the deadliest conflict in human history. Written using a combination of his own notes and privileged access to official documents, the series helped earn Churchill the 1953 Nobel Prize in Literature.

“Historians spend a lot of time visiting libraries and archives … Except, that is, when the historian in question is Winston Churchill and the book in question is a description of a war in which he played a starring role.”

— David Reynolds, The New York Times



Rally’s #CHURCHILL is a full six-volume set of the First English Edition of “The Second World War” with the first volume signed by Sir Winston himself. Today, inscribed First Edition Volumes similar to #CHURCHILL have consistently sold in the five-figure range, with prices appreciating by ~300% since 2015.

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Asset Specifications
Title (Vol. 1) The Gathering Storm
Title (Vol. 2) Their Finest Hour
Title (Vol. 3) The Grand Alliance
Title (Vol. 4) The Hinge of Fate
Title (Vol. 5) Closing the Ring
Title (Vol. 6) Triumph and Tragedy
Author Winston Churchill
Edition (All Volumes) First English Edition
Publisher Cassell and Co.
Publication Date (Vol. 1) 1948
Publication Date (Vol. 2) 1949
Publication Date (Vol. 3) 1950
Publication Date (Vol. 4) 1950
Publication Date (Vol. 5) 1951
Publication Date (Vol. 6) 1953
Binding Hardcover
Inscription Winston Churchill (Vol. 1)
Book Condition Unrestored

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