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  • $275,000

    Initial Offering Marketing Cap
  • $10.00

    Initial Offering Share Price

  • 04/2022

    Initial Offering Date

Before NFTs took over the world, Gary Vee was already an influential entrepreneur with millions of followers on social media and a reputation for his uncanny ability to predict cultural and business trends. The VeeFriends NFT collection took his influence to another level, making him one of Web3’s most prominent voices. VeeFriends all started with hand-drawn sketches penned by Gary Vee which acted as the source material for the NFT collection. These original pieces are exceedingly rare, with five of these unique works selling for over $1.2M at a Christie’s auction in October 2021. #VEEFRIEND is a 1-of-1 VeeFriend ‘Sharing Squirrel’ Drawing by Gary Vee. 

“I view myself as a very creative and artistic person, but this is way bigger than me… It represents a paradigm shift and the consumer is intrigued.”

— Gary Vee | October 2021



In under a year, the VeeFriends NFT collection has notched over $500M in sales volume.

Invest Now
Initial Offering Share Price $10.00
Number of Shares 27,500
Initial Offering Market Cap. $275,000
Storage Location Rally
Asset Specifications
Creator Gary Vaynerchuk
Memorabilia Type Drawing
Character Sharing Squirrel
Rarity 1 of 1 (Original Drawing)
Authentication PSA
Certification No. 84341996

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