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Macworld magazine was launched in 1984 as a dedicated hub for all things Apple. The first issue was printed the same day as the release of the original Apple Macintosh, featuring Steve Jobs posing in front of three of the brand-new Macs. Just as the Macintosh made a lasting impact in personal computing by marketing toward the average consumer, Macworld became a key part of the Apple ecosystem for 30 years. #MACWORLD1 is a copy of Macworld #1 signed by both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

“At its best, it may have been the finest magazine about one specific computing platform that anyone’s ever published–well written, beautifully designed, and surprisingly provocative.”

— Fast Company

#MACWORLD1 Timeline

#MACWORLD1 Details

Macworld’s impact spread well beyond the print pages — as its Macworld expo became “one of the few successful tech conferences ever aimed at consumers rather than industry types.” Today, the National Museum of American History holds an unsigned copy of Macworld #1 in its collection.

Invest Now
Initial Offering Share Price $11.25
Number of Shares 20,000
Initial Offering Market Cap. $225,000
Storage Location Rally
Asset Specifications
Magazine Macworld #1
Release Date January 1984
Condition Fine
Signed Steve Jobs
Signed Steve Wozniak
Certification PSA/DNA

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