• $600,000

    Initial Offering Marketing Cap
  • $20

    Initial Offering Share Price

  • 06/2021

    Initial Offering Date

More than 3.6 million years ago the largest shark to ever live roamed the oceans all across the globe. The megalodon could grow to be as long as 60 feet and weigh up to 50 tons — with a jaw capable of generating up to 40,000 pounds of force. Rally’s #MEGALODON consists of 184 fossil shark teeth carefully chosen from thousands of examples and set in an 8 ft by 9.5 ft resin jaw reconstruction. Collected from various South Carolina river localities, #MEGALODON features 31 teeth measuring at least 6 inches.

“…once the most fearsome predator to reign the seas.”

— Smithsonian / On the Megalodon



The megalodon was previously believed to have gone extinct 2.6 million years ago, but more recent research suggests that the massive shark likely went extinct 3.6 million years ago at the end of the early Pliocene epoch.

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Price Per Share $20.00
Number of Shares 30,000
Market Cap. $600,000
Storage Location Rally
Asset Specifications
Memorabilia Type Megalodon Jaw
Order Lamniformes
Family Otodontidae
Genus Otodus
Species Megalodon
Excavation Site South Carolina
Presentation Mounted in a Resin Reconstruction
Dimensions 8 feet X 9.5 feet
Number of teeth 184

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