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The Triceratops Prorsus Skull

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In 1999, Dr. Bobby Deaton of Texas Wesleyan found and excavated a Triceratops prorsus skull from the Hell Creek Formation in North Dakota. At more than seven feet long and with all three original horns intact, Rally’s #DEATON was preserved in plaster field jackets for more than a decade following its uncovering.

“As with any commodity, price is driven by demand, and in today’s booming market, fossils compete with fine art for the attention of the super rich.”

— National Geographic

#DEATON Timeline

#DEATON Details

The recovered skull elements of the #DEATON are of excellent quality overall, exhibiting nice detail, solid outer surfaces, and a natural dark brown patina common on fossils recovered from the iron-rich geological formation at Hell Creek. #DEATON is now mounted on a stand for display, and has undergone osteographs which map its original bone content, showing that the skull retains 50% of its original bone count and 65% of its original bone mass.

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Price Per Share $10.00
Number of Shares 2,400
Storage Location Rally
Initial Offering Market Cap. $24,000
Current Market Cap. $24,000
Initial Offering Price Per Share $10.00
Initial Offering January, 2021
Asset Specifications
Memorabilia Type Triceratops Skull
Order Ornithischia
Suborder Ceratopsia
Family Ceratopsidae
Genus Triceratops
Species Prorsus
Excavation Site Hell Creek Formation, North Dakota
Excavation Year 1999
Condition Well preserved
Presentation Mounted on a display stand
Length Over 7 feet
Documentation Osteograph mapping original bone content

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